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50 : E-F
100 : D-C
200 : C-B
300: B-A
500 : A -A +


Sample of Excellent Essay Writing for Section C - Paper 2

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the hard work done by the my pupils and all UPSR pupils throughout their 6 years of schooling. Hope that they will keep improving their EL.

These are some samples to be shared.
Hope that the pupils will get the idea on how to score high marks for Section C.

Theme: Stung by the bee (Good deed)

                              Anisa - garden - used -trowel - watered

                              mother - stung - bee - pain - swollen - skin

                              worried - quickly - phoned - father - office

                               went - clinic - doctor - medicine - felt better

Sample 1

          One sunny morning, Anisa and her mother, Puan Sara were in  the garden, tending to their plants.
Puan Sara used the trowel to uproot some plants from the pots and placed them in the soil while Anisa watered the plants using a large watering can.

          As her mother uprooting the last plant, a bee flew by and stung in her arm. Her mother cried out as she fell. She was sobbing uncontrollably as she never felt such excruciating pain in her entire life. Puan Sara's entire arm was swollen by the time she finished crying.

         Anisa was so worried, she immediately ran to her house phone and phoned her father who was working in his office. He drove back home as fast as he could and took Puan Sara and Anisa to the clinic.

        When they finally arrived at the clinic, Puan Sara's entire arm was throbbing in pain. The doctor bandaged Puan Sara's arm and prescribed her some medicine to numb the pain. Puan Sara felt better and was thankful for having such a wonderful and caring family.

Sample 2

         Two Fridays back, Anisa and her mother were doing some gardening in their garden. Her mother, Puan Anita was using the trowel to flatten up the damp soil in the pot that Anisa had watered. They both had green hands.

         Puan Anita was very happy that day. As she whistled her favourite song, out of the blue, a bee stung Puan Anita's right arm. Puan Anita dropped the trowel she was using.  Puan Anita started screaming her lungs out in pain. Anisa thought her mother had been clumsy once again but when she heard her scream, she turned around as quick as lightning. Puan Anita told Anisa what had happened. Anisa saw her mother's swollen hand. Her skin was also turned red.

         Anisa was very worried. Quickly, she phoned her father and explained to him the situation and to urge him to rush back. So, quickly her father left his office. While waiting for her father, Anisa dabbed some ice on her mother's swollen arm to reduce the swell.

        In a jiffy, her father arrived. He picked up his wife and they went to the nearby clinic. After the doctor questioned them and they explained, the doctor examined her arm. He told them that the swelling area would heal soon and the pain would lessen. The doctor prescribed her some medicine and ointment. Her husband took her home and she applied the ointment .She ate the medicine that the doctor gave as well. After a while, she felt better. Then she thanked her kind and helpful daughter for being so caring.

Sample 3

        It was a fine day. Anisa and her mother were doing their usual Saturday gardening together. Anisa was busy watering the plants as her mother used a trowel to prepare a pot of soil for a new plant. Since they had a beautiful garden, it was not uncommon to see a few bees buzzing around.

        However, when Anisa's mother tried to lift a small plant, she was unaware that she had disturbed a bee. Sensing danger, the bee immediately stung her in the arm. Anisa's mother cried out in pain as the stung area swelled within minutes.

        Anisa rushed to her mother's aid. After Anisa's mother told her what had happened, Anisa quickly went inside and phoned her father's office. When her father picked up, Anisa hastily retold what her mother had said, worry evident in her voice. Her father told her to stay calm and that he would take her mother to the clinic shortly. Anisa hung up after saying goodbye and went back to her mother.

       Sure enough, a few minutes later her father arrived and took her mother to the clinic.There she was examined by a doctor named Randy. Dr. Randy told her to be more careful at her age and gave her some cream to soothe the pain. After putting the cream on, she instantly felt a little bit better. She was very grateful and thanked Dr. Randy. Anisa's parents bid the doctor goodby and went home. Anisa was as happy as a lark as her parents reached home and knocked the door because she knew that her mother was okay.

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