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UPSR students in dilemma, new format causes poor results

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 17: Under the new format of the 2016 Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination a total of 4,896 pupils scored straight A’s.

This results indicate that 1.11 per cent of the 452,721 pupils who sat for the UPSR exams this year, managed 6 straight A’s.

However, in 2015 the results were very different, where 38,344 pupils obtained straight A’s under the previous format.

The Malaysian Times (TMT) was present at SK Bukit Damansara, the 2015 best performing school in Kuala Lumpur.

SK Bukit Damansara had 150 students sitting for UPSR this year, however, only 21 students obtained straight A’s

This is a contrast from the 81 students that scored straight A’s last year under the previous examination format.

According to Standard 6 English teacher Muhd Faiz, the change in the answering and marking system has resulted in this drop of performance nationwide.

“I personally feel the results are very ‘poor’  compared to last year, because of the sudden change of system which has been implemented only this year.

“The system should have been implemented since the students were in standard 4 itself, that is not much they can do at standard 6 to adjust to a new format,” Faiz told TMT.

However, according to SK Bukit Damansara’s headmistress Hanifah Abdul, the results this year should not be in any case compared to 2015.

“This year it is a new system, a whole new format of answering and marking. It is not right to compare the results because this is a start of something new.

“What I hope for is that we are all more prepared for next year to tackle the new format. I must say that I am rather disappointed with this year’s performance but that is what it is,” said Hanifah.

Despite the sombre mood nationwide from the majority of the students taking their result TMT sat down with two bright young girls from SK Bukit Damansara whom have obtain straight A’s.

According to Athena Teoh Sin Yee, her 6 A’s accomplishment was as expected as she has been trained to answer in the new format since earlier this year.

“I am not very surprised with my results as I started preparing since January all the way till UPSR. I obtained 5 A’s in my trials and I worked even harder and I am so grateful.

“I want to thank my parents and teachers for always believing in me and always guiding me to success,” said Athena.

Besides Athena, the head prefect of SK Bukit Damansara Harvynna Kaur Kler  was also the most outstanding performer of the year for S.K.Bukit Damansara.

“I am so relieved that I scored 6 A’s because I was nervous when I came to school today and the teachers announced that only 21 students obtained straight A’s.

“I studied hard since the start of the year to adapt to the new format and also I would like to congratulate my other friends who took UPSR this year,” said Harvynna.

According to the head prefect, it was the constant motivation and support from her family and teachers that contributed to her success.

“To my school and tuition teacher’s I want to thank all of you for mentoring me and helping me understand difficult subjects,” Harvynna told TMT.

On the other hand, there were many dejected students who did not perform as they expected. They expressed their feelings by claiming that they were not given time to adjust to the format as it was only implemented earlier this year.

Results nationwide

In Kuala Lumpur, a total of 308 candidates obtained A in UPSR in the country with an average grade of 2.77 state.

In Selangor, a total of 1,025 candidates obtained A in all subjects in the UPSR 2016 in the state of Selangor with an average grade (GPN) 2.85.

In Kedah, Kedah-level UPSR 2016 saw a total of 280 candidates obtained excellent results all Grade A. It is 0.88 per cent from 31.976 candidates who sat for the examination last September.


In Pahang, a total of 23.351 296 candidates who sat for the UPSR in 2016 in the state obtained A in all subjects taken.

In Negeri Sembilan, a total of 247 persons or 1.5 per cent from 16.839 UPSR candidates in the country, managed to get the full results 6A.

In Johor, 671 or 1.25 percent from 54.678 candidates who sat for the UPSR in 2016 in the state obtained 5As in all subjects taken.

In Perak, a total of 363 candidates from 34.713 UPSR 2016 Perak got all A’s in all subjects.

In Sabah, a total of 187 candidates in Sabah UPSR 2016 obtained excellent results with all Grade A state average grade (GPN) 3.29.

In Kelantan, a total of 320 candidates for the 2016 UPSR excellent results with the State Average Grade (GPN) is 3.03 percent.

In Malacca, about 159, or 1.19 percent of the total 13,261 candidates Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) in Melaka earned all A in the examination.

In Sarawak, a total of 284 students or 0.69 percent of the total 41.380 candidates obtained A in all subjects taken in the UPSR in this country.

In Terengganu a total of 271 or 1:33 per cent of the total 20.341 UPSR candidates earned all A’s in the examination.



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